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Secretarial - CE

SEC 137 – Machine Transcription

This course is designed to enable the student to develop skills in transcribing pre-recorded information with speed and accuracy. Topics include: operation of transcribing equipment, business communication formats and terminology, and speed building.

Course Objective:
Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
1. Operate a dictation machine.
2. Transcribe, in good format, general business communications such as memos, letters, and manuscripts.
3. Use specialized vocabularies common to various business and industries.
4. Produce accurate, mailable copies with acceptable speed.

SEC 252 – Proofreading

This course is designed to introduce the student to the types of errors frequently made in business communcations. The student will learn where errors are likely to occur, special techniques for finding them, marking, and correcting errors in business communications. Topics include: proofreaders marks, typographical errors, numerical expression, letter styles and forms, frequent capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors, statistical and technical proofreading, and proofreading for inconsistencies.

Course Objective:
1. Identify and use standard proofreader's symbols.
2. Identify and correct mechanical, format, and content errors made in business communications.
3. Describe various letter styles and forms.
4. Proofread statistical and technical texts and letters effectively.

SEC 283 – Legal Terminology and Transcription

Gain a knowledge and understanding of terms commonly used in the legal profession. Designed to introduce the secretary to legal terminology and transcription, and proper format. Speed and accuracy in typing will be addressed. Proficiency in typing and a working knowledge of transcription equipment is necessary.

Course Objective:
1. develop the ability to punctuate and express numbers properly in legal documents;
2. apply legal terminology correctly in legal documents;
3. format legal documents in an acceptable format;
4. develop the ability to produce, prepare, and assemble legal documents following proper procedures;
5. develop the ability to produce first-time mailable copy;
6. develop the ability to proofread legal documents for content, spelling, punctuation, and format;
7. revise documents from previously transcribed material according to instructions.

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