Campaign Priorities

By reducing roadblocks to college access, strengthening Maryland's workforce and serving the local community, the CCBC New Beginnings campaign is committed to enriching the lives of countless students and members of our community. Learn more about how the New Beginnings campaign is making a difference by exploring the campaign priorities:

Reducing Roadblocks to College Access

Building bridges from high school to college

CCBC is committed to increasing access and helping high school students obtain credentials that accelerate their completion of a college degree or industry certification.

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Innovative tools for student success

CCBC is incorporating innovative strategies designed to meet the unique needs of our students.

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Greater access through scholarships and special initiatives

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all CCBC students receive some form of financial aid and the college is firmly committed to improving access by increasing the availability of scholarship support.

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Strengthening Maryland's Workforce

Enhancing the STEM Pipeline

CCBC is taking a comprehensive approach to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation in STEM education.

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Helping the unemployed, underemployed & displaced workers return to the workforce

CCBC is expanding educational opportunities for low skilled and at-risk individuals seeking training and support services that will prepare them to enter and succeed in good jobs and advance along career pathways.

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Meeting the demand for Maryland's high growth industries

CCBC is helping students parlay prior work experience into meaningful credentials and longer-term degree programs that generally have a higher economic payoff.

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Offering unique statewide programs

CCBC offers unique statewide programs in the Building Trades, Aviation, Mortuary Science and Dental Hygiene.

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Strengthening the healthcare workforce

CCBC’s School of Health Professions is implementing a number of initiatives including securing expanding and modernizing its facilities, and increasing the number of full-time faculty to expand enrollment capacity to meet heavy demand.

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Serving the Local Community

Connecting the community to the arts

The arts serve a critical role in the community by cutting across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhancing cultural appreciation and awareness.

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Changing lives through community partnerships

The historic Hilton Mansion at CCBC’s Catonsville campus has been a staple to the community for generations.

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