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Earn your General Studies degree fully online

A flexible option that opens doors
The General Studies online degree offers on-demand flexibility. It’s a smart choice for anyone planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree after graduating from CCBC.

The online option could also be a good fit if you:

  • like to take charge of your learning.
  • want to to design your own course of study. 
  • have  accumulated credits from other programs at CCBC, or even other colleges.

In the General Studies online degree program, you will acquire a foundation of well-rounded skills to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers after CCBC. It’s the first step toward a bright future.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be able to:
  1. develop an appreciation of lifelong learning; embracing opportunities for learning and working in a diverse multicultural and global society for personal and professional development;
  2. apply written and oral communication skills for clear expression and problem solving, employing both quantitative and qualitative reasoning in the scientific process with a focus on technological and information literacy; and
  3. demonstrate the ability to analyze issues and problems from a multidisciplinary perspective with an appreciation in the arts, humanities, sciences, and math promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Semester Sequence

Follow this sequence if you are beginning the program in Spring Term:

Spring Term
Summer Term

Fall Term

Winter Term

 Spring Term

 Summer Term

 Fall Term

  • First 7 Week
    • Elective
    • Elective

General Education Requirements and Electives

General Education Requirements:

General Education Electives:

Choose courses in each category from the list of approved General Education Courses.

One General Education course must be a Diversity course. Arts and Humanities, Information Technology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Wellness and Health have Diversity course offerings. ​

Students must have at least 60 credits for an associate degree. Students who choose to take 3 credits of Mathematics and 7 credits of Biological and Physical Sciences, rather than 4 and 8, may need to take an additional class in order to reach at least 60 credits.

  • Arts and Humanities 3 Credit(s).
  • Biological and Physical Sciences (from 2 different disciplines or 2-course sequence, 1 with a lab) 7-8 Credit(s).
  • Information Technology 3 Credit(s).
  • Mathematics 3-4 Credit(s).
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences 6 Credit(s).
  • Wellness and Health 3 Credit(s).

Program Requirements and Electives

Program Requirements and Electives - 24-26 Credits

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