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Start a career in people, online at CCBC

If you’re fascinated by the human mind; if you want to help the people who need it most; if you want to get your head around the challenges we face today, CCBC’s online Behavioral and Social Sciences programs have something for you.

We’ll help you broaden your understanding of the human mind and social behavior while ensuring that you build the critical thinking, communication and research skills that employers seek.

CCBC’s online Behavioral and Social Science options give you:
  • The convenience, flexibility and independence of online learning.
  • Cutting-edge knowledge and skills, earned through rigorous online coursework at CCBC, that prepares you for clinical settings.
  • The highest level of quality and expertise.
CCBC offers these behavioral and social science online degrees and certificates:

Program Credential Delivery Method Time to Completion
Human Services Counseling Associate of Applied Science Fully online 2 years
Psychology Associate of Arts Fully online 2 years
Adolescent Behavioral Health Counseling Credit Certificate Fully online 12 months
At-Risk Youth Practitioner Credit Certificate Blended 12 months
Behavioral Health Counseling Trainee Credit Certificate Fully online 12 months
Human Services Generalist Credit Certificate Fully online 12 months
CCBC also offers these programs onsite. Choose the option that’s best for you!