Global Distinction

The Global Distinction Program provides the framework to help students become global citizens, preparing them for academic and professional endeavors in the interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.

Program Goals

In this program, students will have opportunities to:
  • Enhance their intercultural skills,
  • Network and study with others who share global interests,
  • Discover study abroad opportunities,
  • Gain access to internships,
  • Explore global careers, and
  • Finish with an impressive portfolio for transfer.
Students who successfully complete the program receive:
  • An official letter of Global Distinction,
  • An acknowledgment on their transcript, and
  • Skills to position them to better compete in the increasingly global economy.


Eligibility requirements for the program are:
  • Full or part-time status at CCBC, and
  • Good academic standing (not on academic probation)
There is no entrance GPA requirement for students in good academic standing who are interested in learning about the world.

Program Requirements

To graduate or transfer with Global Distinction, a student will:
  • Complete 15 credits of globally intensive courses (with a grade of C or better), including a 2-semester world language sequence or equivalent;
  • Participate in one international/intercultural activity each semester enrolled at CCBC and reflect on each activity in writing;
  • Pursue study abroad or an equivalent domestic intercultural experience;
  • Compile a portfolio highlighting completed coursework, activities, and study abroad (or equivalent) experience; and
  • Complete an exit assessment and other documentation or paperwork required by the Coordinator.


Admission is on a rolling basis for a limited number of spaces. The Coordinator will notify admitted students via e-mail. To apply, submit an application and a letter of interest to the Coordinator of Global Initiatives at