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Study Abroad with CCBC!

Study abroad programs are available for a wide range of destinations and academic interests.

CCBC offers short-term faculty-led study abroad programs in January, spring break, and late May. Most programs are six to ten days long. Students may connect study abroad to their course work or may participate without an associated course. Financial aid may be available for eligible CCBC students.

Anyone may apply to study abroad with CCBC: CCBC students, faculty, and staff; students, faculty, and staff from other Maryland colleges and universities; and members of the community.

With new programs offered around the world every year, where will you go?!

Information sessions
Learn more about study abroad programs and scholarship opportunities at our weekly information sessions in CCBC's Center for Global Education.

Location: CCBC Catonsville, Hilton Center (HILT), room 313.
  • Every Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm
  • Every Thursday from 12 - 1 pm
Advising is also available by appointment»

Study Abroad Programs

Information and applications for CCBC's 2021 study abroad programs will be posted below as soon as they are available.

Upcoming programs (tentative; full details to be posted in April):
  • Greece: Mediterranean Lifestyle & Longevity (Late May 2021)
  • France: World War II in Paris & Normandy (Spring break 2021)
  • Berlin: Automotive Innovation (Spring break 2021)
  • Berlin: Aviation History (Spring break 2021)
  • London: Forensics, Justice & the Law (January 2020)

Where have we been?

2017 to early 2020 study abroad programs (now closed to applicants):

  • Ghana: Health Care & Society (January 2020)
  • Japan: Japanese Culture in Tokyo (Late May 2019)
  • Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice (Late May 2019)
  • Berlin: Automotive Innovation (Spring break 2019)
  • Berlin: Aviation History (Spring break 2019)
  • Spain & Morocco: East Meets West (Late May 2018)
  • Vancouver: Comparative Drug Policy (Spring break 2018)
  • Cuba: Culture, Society & Mortuary Traditions (Spring break 2018)
  • Japan: Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo (Late May 2017)
  • Poland: Human Anatomy (Late May 2017)
  • Cuba: Sociology & Women's Studies (Spring break 2017)
  • Costa Rica: Service Learning for the Health Professions (January 2017)

Questions about CCBC study abroad?
Call: 443.840.4907 or .5303
Email: StudyAbroad@ccbcmd.edu

Study Abroad Scholarships

Many governmental and other external organizations, as well as some programs themselves, offer competitive scholarships for study abroad. If you plan to apply, first bring your ideas and drafts to the study abroad office for advice and feedback! Contact StudyAbroad@ccbcmd.edu for an appointment.

Study abroad scholarship resources:

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Eligibility: US Citizen; Pell Grant recipient
Program Types: 2 weeks or longer
Award: Up to $5,000 (plus $3,000 extra for certain languages)

Critical Language Scholarship
Eligibility: US citizen; be ready to study Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, and more
Program Type: Summer (June-August at most sites)
Award: Fully funded intensive language and culture program (including flight).

Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan
Eligibility: US citizen
Program Types: Semester or year in Japan
Award: Up to $2,500 (semester) or $4,000 (year)

Explore additional awards »

External Study Abroad Programs

Transfer institution: You may considering exploring the study abroad websites of any colleges or universities that interest you for transfer (Towson, UMD, etc.). Studying abroad through your future institution may ease credit transfer and may be especially worthwhile if you plan to study abroad for a semester or longer.

Direct enroll: Some students, particularly—but not only—those seeking language programs, may benefit from enrolling directly with a university overseas (rather than through a US-based company or institution). This option can in many cases be so inexpensive and so much richer a cultural experience that it is worth pursuing despite some potential limitations with credit transfer. Contact StudyAbroad@ccbcmd.edu to learn more about direct enrollment with an overseas university.

Other external study abroad providers:

Sponsor: USAC
Locations: Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Rep., England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Thailand
Topics: Many
Length: Summer or semester

Sponsor: CCIS
Locations: Many in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Oceania
Topics: Many
Length: Summer or semester

These options are popular among community colleges students.

Note: CCBC does not endorse and is not associated with any external programs or related websites. These links are provided for convenience purposes only.

External Work or Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer abroad programs Work abroad programs
Note: CCBC does not endorse and is not associated with any external programs or related websites. These links are provided for convenience purposes only.

Ready to study abroad?

Applicants: Review the policies and qualifications.