Gifted and talented program

A student enrolled in 8th or 9th grade may be considered for admission to CCBC if one of the following criteria is met and documented:
  • Enrolled in a recognized Gifted and Talented program
  • Documented academic ability or documented ability in the creative, performing or visual arts.

A student must take the CCBC placement test and placement test and place in college level Math, Reading and Sentence Skills, or provide SAT scores of 500 or better in critical reading, writing and math or ACT scores of 21 or better in reading, writing, and math.

Step 1: Schedule an Interview

A student is required to have an interview with an Assistant Director of Admissions. Call the Admissions Office to schedule an interview before the start of classes.

Step 2: Required Documents

A student is required to bring the following documents to his or her interview: