Is online learning right for you?

Distance learning courses are an ideal learning method for some students. They provide educational opportunities to many people who, for a variety of reasons, cannot participate in regularly scheduled classes on campus. Distance learning courses can be exciting, challenging, enriching and convenient, but they are not for everyone. They should not be considered an easy way to earn credits. As a matter of fact, this learning environment requires a high level of self-motivation, discipline and independence. Before electing to enroll in a distance learning course, take this ten question test to see how well distance learning courses fit your personal circumstances and characteristics.

If you feel that you might need additional assistance in order to be successful in Distance Learning, support services are available, including Academic Advising, Tutoring and Technical Support.

1. My need to take this course now is
  a. high - I need it this semester
  b. moderate - I could take it on campus later, or substitute another course.
  c. low - It's a personal interest that could be postponed.

2. Feeling that I am part of the class is:
  a. not important to me
  b. somewhat important to me.
  c. very important to me.

3. I would classify myself as someone who
  a. often gets things done ahead of time.
  b. needs reminding to get things done.
  c. puts things off until the last minute.

4. Classroom discussions are
  a. rarely helpful to me.
  b. sometimes helpful to me.
  c. almost always helpful to me.

5. When an instructor hands out instructions for an assignment, I prefer
  a. figuring out the instructions on my own.
  b. trying to follow directions on my own, then asking for help as needed.

6. I need faculty comments on my assignments
  a. within a few weeks, so I can review what I did.
  b. within a few days, or I forget what I did.
  c. right away, or I get very anxious.

7. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time that I have to work on a course is
  a. 7 - 9 hours a week.
  b. 4 - 6 hours a week.
  c. 1 - 3 hours a week.

8. Whenever I am asked to use tablets, computers, smart phones or other forms of technology that are new to me
  a. I look forward to learning new skills.
  b. I feel apprehensive, but will try anyway.
  c. I put it off or try to avoid it entirely.

9. As a reader
  a. I usually understand text without help.
  b. sometimes require help to understand the text.
  c. I almost always require help understanding a college text.

10. If I have to go to the campus to take exams or attend review sessions
  a. I can get to the campus almost anytime.
  b. I work during the day and can get to the campus only in the evening or on weekends.