Broaden your horizons!

Whether you need to brush up on basic computer skills or earn a certification in a career specialty, we have the essentials for your computer and information technology needs.

Every aspect of business and social structure today has a basis in computer technology. Keeping up with this rapid evolution can be a challenge that requires the basic foundations as well as specialized training that can lead you to career growth.

Computer & Information Technology training options

Basic Computers

From keyboarding to blogging to navigating Windows, you can take steps to enhance your knowledge of the computer field.

Business Solutions

Have a small business and want to learn QuickBooks? Want to experience the nuances of Microsoft Outlook? Our classroom and online classes can help you find your answers.


Learn PC repair and installation to prepare for a job as a service technician in the PC industry. We also have classes and certifications in Microsoft Windows, Red Hat, IT, Cisco and more.

Computer Game Design

Learn industry standard workflows for creating animations, building gaming programming and 3D modeling.

Desktop Publishing and Graphics

Develop your knowledge of web design. Take advantage of our broad array of graphic platforms including Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and other aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Health Information Technology

Be ready for ongoing use of the transitioning from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) for Health IT professionals. Training is offered for EHR Specialist and EHR IT Analyst. Background needed in either Healthcare or IT including a degree or certification, and work experience.

Microsoft Office

All levels of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are part of our course offerings that can help you boost your career.

Network and Cyber Security

Learn to navigate computer programming operating systems so you can develop protections against the increasing number of cyber invasions.

Office Technology

Brush up on old skills, acquire new ones, earn a Microsoft certification! You can gain a competitive edge through this self-paced program offered in an open lab environment.


Ajax, C++, Oracle, C#, Perl, Java, MySQL, Mac, iPhone, and iPad Programming and more let you gain skills in writing sophisticated programming.

Web Development

Whether you want to start a website of your own, begin a career as a web developer, or create better web pages, you can get your start here.