Training for Businesses: Law and Justice

Whether you want to train your senior staff in crisis management, certify you security personnel, or enrich your team’s understanding of legal issues relevant to your industry, CCBC is here to help.

Explore our legal and justice course offerings:

Business security and emergency preparedness

This course series includes half-day and one-day courses designed to help your staff plan for and mitigate emergency situations on the job.
  • Advanced Leadership Training prepares senior personnel for their roles in emergency situations when the need for effective leadership is heightened.
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving in Emergency Situations teaches models and techniques for crisis situations, including information needs and gathering, rapid decision-making under pressure and problem solving.
  • Business Continuity Planning is a blueprint for ensuring that your emergency response is fully developed and ready for your staff to use. The course presents an overview of the emergency management planning process and approaches to disaster mitigation.
  • Building Effective Security Teams prepares security team leaders to build comprehensive and cohesive teams.
  • Customer Service for the Security Manager addresses protocols necessary to handle customer/visitor concerns without compromising security requirements.
  • Customer Service for Front line Security Personnel gives instruction on how to effectively and personally request identification, address access restrictions and conduct searches.
  • Serving the Customer in an Emergency offers sensitivity skills and helpful techniques for dealing with staff, customers and visitors during a crisis situation
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis is a capstone course that provides program review of key concepts and helps participants incorporate those into an emergency plan in a coherent and consistent fashion.

Professional development for Frontline Security Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional Officers

Security/Public Safety Officer Training is a series of nine half-day sessions that prepare officers to provide effective security and public safety service through exposure to techniques and concepts involving:
  • Maryland law
  • Arrest law and procedure
  • Juvenile law and procedure
  • Search law and procedure
  • Seizure and control of evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses and taking statements
  • Courts and judicial proceedings
  • Report writing
  • Official conduct
First Responder Certification is an advanced 40-hour first aid course approved by MIEMSS to prepare personnel to become certified pre-hospital providers for the State of Maryland’s Emergency Medical System.

ASP Baton Certification is a one-day course designed for security/public safety personnel who will carry and deploy the ASP Baton in the course of their duties. Participants must be employed by a registered security/public safety agency.

Pepper Spray and Handcuff Certification
is a one-day course for security and public safety personnel who will carry and deploy pepper spray and handcuffs in the course of their duties. Participants must be employed by a registered security/public safety agency.

Effective Report Writing assists law enforcement officers, private security personnel, public safety officers, correctional officers and other criminal justice professionals in providing clear and concise written reports of incidents.

Investigation of Sex Offenders
helps law enforcement personnel develop the knowledge and skills needed for the investigation of sex offenders.

Legal issue series

These courses, which explore various topics in the law, can be taken for personal enrichment and/or professional development.

Essential Legal Documents
provides an overview of the legal documents required to protect assets and direct affairs in the event of you become incapacitated.

Entertainment Law explores the legal and business aspects of film, music, literary and graphic arts

Essential Elder Law is a must for seniors and family members who want to learn more about the legal facets related to the care and support of senior citizens.

Legal Resources for Consumers examines resources available to the public concerning civil and criminal records, licensing, health/medical records, estate planning, taxes, unclaimed property, and more.

Worker’s Compensation Law address issues of compensation and the rights of the employer and the employee when a Worker’s Compensation claim has been filed.

Personal Protection courses examine precautionary measures consumers can take to avoid being victimized.

Safeguard Your Home and Property
offers information and safety measures that can be used to help everyone safeguard their homes against burglaries and theft.

Identity Theft: What You Need to Know to Protect Yours offers solid information to help protect your identity, your credit and your good name. If you are already one of nearly a million victims of this crime, learn what steps you can take to prevent further damage.

For more information or if a topic you are interested in is not listed, please contact: Esteban Soto III at 443.840.3037 or e-mail: to discuss your organization’s training needs.