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Medical Coding

Become a valuable member of a health care team!

This course series prepares students to take the national certification exam to become a Certified Professional Coder. Medical Coders typically work in large physician practices, hospitals or coding companies. They must use federal diagnostic (ICD) and procedure (CPT) codes to express medical services provided. This coding of services provides the basis for billing and collection of money for services. Hours are generally standard daytime business hours with some evening/night/weekend flexibility depending on facility. Processing medical claims is big business and a key need in today's work place. Accurate medical coding is essential to the delivery of quality health care and efficient health care administration.
Prerequisites: Medical Terminology for Health Occupations
Anatomy and Physiology for Health Occupations

Medical Coding Courses

AHC 360 - HIPAA Training

Participate in an overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Title II Administrative Simplification (HIPAA-AS). Topics include privacy, confidentiality, security, patient rights, covered entities, business associates, protected health information (PHI), and penalties. No textbook required.

AHL 798 - Introduction to Electronic Health Records (EHR) Training

Learn the fundamentals of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and prepare for national certification as a Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (EHRS). Textbook can be purchased at the CCBC Bookstore. Prerequisites: Medical Terminology for Health Occupations.

AHL 904 - Medical Coding I

Gain a fundamental knowledge of ICD, CPT & HCPCS coding. This class must be followed by Medical Coding II.  Textbooks can be purchased at the CCBC Bookstore. Prerequisites: Medical Terminology for Health Occupations and Anatomy and Physiology for Health Occupations.

VOB 905 - Medical Coding II

Develop a higher level of ICD and CPT coding by applying concepts learned in Medical Coding I.  This course will assist coders in developing an in-depth understanding of complex coding conventions, terminology and rules for ICD & CPT. Prerequisite: Medical Coding I