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Management and Supervision

Good management skills can take you places!

Managers and supervisors are involved with the planning, organizing, leading and control of workflow in an organization. They are essential to a successful business effort. Good managers increase team work, communication, employee growth and satisfaction as well as productivity. Be ready to advance in the workplace by increasing your skills through our Supervisory Development Certificate program.

Available Certificates

Supervisory Development I Certificate Program

A series of six one-day workshops covering the essential elements of effective supervision. Courses also available individually.
  • MAN 058 - The Role of the Supervisor
  • MAN 909 - Communication Skills
  • MGT 232 - Managing Multiple Priorities
  • WOS 055 - Collaborative Outcomes: Teams & Teamwork
  • COU 005 - Managing Conflict and Confrontation
  • MGT 634 - Performance Management

Supervisory Development II Certificate Program

A series of six one-day workshops exploring advanced supervisory/management skills. Courses also available individually.
  • HMS 005 - Critical Business Thinking
  • FIC 019 - Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
  • MGT 569 - Coaching: Developing High-Performing Employees
  • MGT 572 - Managing Organizational Change
  • MGT 599 - Managing Across Generations
  • SMB 007 - Business Ethics: Navigating the Gray Areas