Sequence Scholarship for Non-Credit Programs

The Maryland Workforce Sequence Scholarship is an award given to non-credit students who:
  1. live in Maryland, or have graduated from a Maryland high school and/or
  2. are an active duty member of the U.S. Military stationed, residing, or domiciled in Maryland.
Recipients can use the awards towards tuition, fees, and associated costs of attendance for eligible Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate Programs.

Students are eligible for an award up to $2,000 a year, for up to a total of two scholarship programs.

*Students need to be accepted into programs with an asterisk.

Workforce Training Certificate Programs

Building and Industrial Trades


Individuals with Disabilities


Health and Human Services



No programs in this area are currently available for the Workforce Sequence Scholarship.

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Note: This course list is subject to change.