What is an ASL screening?

The ASL screening is a half hour appointment in which you will be assessed using ASL with one of CCBC's Deaf instructors. Your ASL signing and receptive skills will be assessed based on the VISTA Curriculum, Signing Naturally.

Who should be screened?

The ASL screening is designed for students who have some fluency in American Sign Language and who wish to test out of some or all of CCBC's ASL classes (I thru V). Good screening candidates should have either already taken formal ASL classes or have Deaf relatives, friends, or co-workers that they communicate with on a regular basis. If you have taken a non-credit sign language class (for example at church or a community center) and are not sure that you were learning ASL, we recommend that you begin with ASL I. It is important to get a solid foundation in ASL. You must first become fluent in the language before you can begin to learn to interpret.

OK, I want to be screened. What do I do?

If you desire to be screened, you should call 443-840-4274 for pre-screening. Be sure to call a few months prior to the semester in which you plan to begin taking ASL classes at CCBC. Before the appointment is made you will need to send us a $10 check (or money order) to confirm your interest.

The check should be made payable to CCBC and mailed to the following address:

Attn: Rebecca Minor, Coordinator
Center for the Arts, Room 204
Interpreter Preparation Program
800 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21228

Please include with your payment, your name, address, phone number, email address, and your preference in days/times to be screened; i.e. "prefer evenings after 5:30pm."

What else should I know?

Please note: the screening only applies to ASL courses. It is a one time entry level screening. Students who choose not to be screened must take all ASL courses beginning with ASL I (INTR 101). Because CCBC is committed to offering a quality education, being screened does not guarantee that you will place out of any ASL courses. To maintain that quality, it is very important that students are placed in the appropriate ASL class for their skill level.

Any questions?

Contact the INTR Office at 443.840.4274 or 443.840.4975.