Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are FAA licensed aircrew members who play a vital role in the safe and efficient operation of nearly all commercial airline and business flights.

Flight Attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers and are trained in first aid, emergency procedures, conflict management, aircraft systems, and safety equipment. Most airlines require flight attendants to be at least 21 years old and be able to pass a security background check. The CCBC Flight Attendant certificate program provides training in aviation history & development, aircraft systems, FAA regulations, meteorology, flight operations, first aid and personal safety, and flight attendant fundamentals.

Our Flight Attendant program is specially designed to make students competitive for the flight attendant interview process and prepare them for airline flight attendant training. CCBC flight attendant courses are taught by active flight attendants employed in the industry. This 12-credit certificate program may be completed in one semester.

Review careers in aviation for more information on flight attendant careers.

How to apply to the Flight Attendant program

  1. Submit an application for admission.
  2. Once you are accepted, take the placement tests for Math, English, and Reading (if you have prior college experience you may be exempt).
  3. Meet with an Academic Advisor to chart your pathway and transfer any college courses that you have previously completed.
  4. Contact the Financial Aid, Veteran's Affairs (VA), or International Student Services offices if you want to take advantage of these resources.
  5. Register for classes — Review the schedule of classes to determine a schedule that works for you. You may be able register online, but if you have pre-requisites that have not been met, you will need to meet with an aviation faculty member for approval to enroll in these courses.