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    Earn credit through departmental examinations

    Students can earn credit by successfully completing specific exams in lieu of a given course.

CCBC Challenge Exams — Credit by Examination

You may already have the knowledge required for college credit.

At CCBC, we realize that many arrive to us already having gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. CCBC Challenge Examinations are the equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the-term examination or a series of comparable exams. Examinations vary depending on the type of course challenged. Passing them can earn you college credit at CCBC

Challenge Exams @ CCBC help you:
  • Save Time - Accelerate your degree program by moving directly into higher-level courses
  • Save Money - Avoid the rising cost of higher education
  • Move Ahead - Place into the right classes and avoid repeating material that you’ve already learned
  • Graduate on Time - Complete your degree program if you’re a few credits shy of graduation

Next steps:
  1. Consult with the Coordinator of Prior Learning.
  2. Meet with the appropriate Program Director/Department Chairperson to review examination requirements;
  3. Complete the Departmental Examination request form and pay the assessment fees (currently 50% of the current in-county tuition rate).
  4. Schedule your exam.

What is CCBC's Challenge Exam acceptance policy?

  • CCBC students may earn up to 15 credits via CCBC Challenge Exam - Credit by Examination.
  • Credit will only be awarded and posted on a CCBC transcript for students who are enrolled in and attending CCBC credit courses.
  • CCBC students must achieve minimum scores on tests appropriate to their desired courses.

Challenge Exam @ CCBC

Departmental Examinations Credits Awarded
ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACCT 102 Principles of Accounting II 3
ACCT 150 Bookkeeping Essentials 3
CSIT 130 Comprehensive Word Processing 3
CSIT 132 Comprehensive Spreadsheets 3
CSIT 134 Comprehensive Databases 3
CSIT 140 Using Windows 3
CSIT 146 Authoring Web Pages 3
CSIT 156 Introduction to SQL using Oracle 3
CSIT 220 Visual Basing Programming 4
CSIT 225 Introduction to C/C++ Programming OR
CSIT 201 Computer Science I for Majors
CSIT 227 Object Oriented Programming using C++ OR
CSIT 202 Computer Science II for Majors
CSIT 234 Database Concepts 3
CMDP 101 Effects of Alcohol/Other Drugs 3
CMDP 102 Alcohol/Other Drug Dependency 3
CMDP 110 Individual Counseling Techniques 3
CMDP 114 Theory and Practice of Group Counseling 3
CMDP 124 Delivery of Services 3
CMDP 210 Family Counseling 3
CMDP 211 Theories of Counseling 3
EDTR 120 Growth and Development in Early Childhood 3
EDTR 121 Curriculum and Materials in Early Childhood Education 3
EMST 105 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 6
HIIT 101, Fundamentals of Health Data Management 4
HIIT 110, Basic Medical Coding 3
HORT 110 Woody Ornamental I 3
HORT 210 Woody Ornamental II 3
INTR 101 American Sign Language I 3
INTR 102 American Sign Language II 3
INTR 106 Fingerspelling & Number Use in ASL 2
INTR 203 American Sign Language III 3
INTR 204 American Sign Language IV 3
INTR 206 American Sign Language V 3
MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music 3
OFAD 101 Keyboarding for Personal Use 1
OFAD 104 Intermediate Keyboarding Applications 3
OFAD 107 Introduction to PowerPoint 3 3
OFAD 151 Electronic Printing Calculator 1 3
OFAD 206 Appl of Electronic Keyboarding 3 3
OFAD 215 Records Management Procedures 2
OFAD 228 Introduction to Microsoft Word 3
OFAD 229 Advanced Microsoft Word 3
OFAD 250 Machine Transcription 3
OFAD 252 Medical Transcription 3

1Departmental examinations are available for many CRJU courses.

2 Departmental exams in Math are generally available for classes that do not have CLEP or other standardized testing options. Contact the Mathematics Department on any of the campuses: Catonsville - 443.840.4903; Dundalk - 443.840.3292; Essex - 443.840.1412.

This information is subject to change.

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