DSST – Credit by Examination

If experience is the world's greatest teacher, then your experiences may well qualify you for college credit.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) are exams recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). The nationally recognized DSST Program helps you receive college credits for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom through a suite of exams in many college subject areas.

DSST College Credit Exam 02.05.2010
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Did you know students could fast track their education by passing certified college level exams? DSST Credit by Exam Program give students college credit as a form of Prior Learning Assessment. DSST exams, like CLEP, are acredited and recognized in thousands of colleges and universities across the nation. www.getcollegecredit.com

DSST @ CCBC help you

  • Save Time - Accelerate your degree program by moving directly into higher-level courses
  • Save Money - Avoid the rising cost of higher education
  • Move Ahead - Place into the right classes and avoid repeating material that you’ve already learned
  • Graduate on Time - Complete your degree program if you’re a few credits shy of graduation

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What is CCBC's DSST acceptance policy?

  • CCBC students may earn up to 30 credits via DSST- Credit by Examination.
  • DSST credit will only be awarded and posted on a CCBC transcript for students who are enrolled in and attending CCBC credit courses.
  • CCBC students must achieve minimum scores on tests appropriate to their desired courses.

DSST Exams Available @ CCBC

CCBC Course DSST Exam Minimum Required Score Credits
ANTH 101 General Anthropology 50 3
ASTM 101 Astronomy 50 3
CMDP 101 Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Substance Abuse 50/400 3
CSIT 101 Introduction to Computing 50/400 3
EDTR 101 Foundations of Education 50 3
ENGL 213 Technical Writing 50 3
ENVS 101 Environment and Humanity 50 3
GEOG 102 Human/Cultural Geography 50 3
HLTH 101 Here's to Your Health 50/400 3
MATH 153
MATH 163
Principles of Statistics
Fundamentals of College Algebra
MNGT 101
MNGT 110
MNGT 113
MNGT 201
Introduction to Business
Principles of Supervision
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
PHIL 131 Introduction to World Religions 50/400 3
PSYC/EDTR 103 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 50 3

This information is subject to change.