Procedure for Requesting Interpreter Services

CCBC strives to provide high quality service to students who are deaf or hard of hearing who request sign language interpreters for classes.

The following procedures have been established to assist Disability Support Services (DSS) in providing the best service:

  1. A student should register for classes as early as possible, providing Disability Support Services with a copy of his/her schedule on the “blue form” each semester. If a schedule change is made, it must be reported to DSS as soon as possible since it may take up to two weeks to arrange for an interpreter. You will not receive services if you do not complete this form every semester. If you drop or stop attending class or withdraw from the college without notifying our office, your services for the current and future semesters may be suspended until you meet with your counselor.
  2. The student must inform Disability Support Services as soon as possible if a class is cancelled or if s/he will be late or plans to miss a class. If you are absent or if you provide less than 48 hours notice for a cancellation of a scheduled appointment three times in one semester, your services may be suspended until you meet with your counselor.
  3. Students should discuss with the interpreters how to contact them in case of last minute changes to schedules. If you plan to be late for a class or an appointment please contact the DSS office and the interpreter to let them know. Your interpreter/captionist will wait twenty minutes for you outside of your classroom or appointment location. If you do not arrive and the interpreter/captionist has not heard from you or our office, the interpreter is free to leave.
  4. A student requesting additional interpreter services for campus appointments, activities, meetings, or tutoring sessions must contact DSS directly at least three business days in advance to allow time for arrangements to be made. Note: It is not sufficient to request interpreting services directly from an interpreter. Interpreters will not be paid for interpreting that has not been pre-approved by DSS.
  5. The student and interpreter should agree to wait 20 minutes for each other at the beginning of class. The student should check with DSS for messages regarding substitute/absent interpreters and notify DSS of an interpreter’s absence.
  6. If you are having a problem with your interpreter, please try to work it out with the interpreter first. If that doesn’t work out, please contact your counselor for assistance in resolving the issue.
  7. The student must notify DSS as soon as possible if s/he decides to withdraw from a class.
  8. DSS reserves the right to monitor a student’s and interpreter’s attendance through communication with an instructor.