How to obtain a peer note taker

Students should discuss their need for a note taker with their Counselor from Disability Support Services (DSS).

If it is determined that a peer note taker is a reasonable accommodation based on documentation provided to DSS, the following steps should be taken for each class for which a note taker is requested: 

  1. The student must complete a "blue form" prior to the start of each semester.
  2. The student must pick up and deliver the accommodation letters to their instructors. The letter includes directions to the instructor on how to obtain a peer note taker.
  3. The student must then tell the instructor if they want a note taker for that class. This will prompt the instructor to make and announcement for a note taker in class. (Interested note takers are directed to DSS on the campus where the class takes place.)
  4. We encourage students to exchange notes via email, which requires the student and note taker to exchange email addresses. Students are encouraged to use their CCBC emails. However, if the student doesn't want the note taker to know who they are, notes will be copied and available for pick up in the DSS office on the campus where the class takes place.
  5. Students picking up notes in the DSS Office must do so in a timely manner. Failure to pick up notes for an extended period of time may result in suspension of note taking services.
  6. The student must inform the DSS Office if a peer note taker has not been obtained after the first week of class (or a week after providing the instructor with the accommodation letter), after a reminder to the instructor. The Office/DSS Counselor will contact the instructor to make sure a note taker is identified or notes are made available from another source.
  7. If there are any problems with missing notes or the quality of notes, it is the student's responsibility to inform the DSS Office (preferably in person) as soon as possible so the DSS Office can follow up with the note taker and/or instructor.
  8. Disability Support Services supports the attendance policy as stated on each instructor's syllabus. Having a note taker is not a substitute for regular class attendance. If a student is absent, notes may not be provided.
  9. Disability Support Services may discontinue this accommodation if it is determined that the student is not picking up notes on a regular basis.
  10. The student must notify DSS if/when they withdraw from a class so that the note taker can be notified.