Placement Testing for International Students

Most students entering CCBC for the first time must take placement tests, but there are some exceptions:

  • Those who have completed English 101 at a college or university in the United States are exempt from the English Writing placement test. However, credits for English courses taken in another country do not transfer into the United States.
  • Those who have completed higher level math courses at a college or university may also be exempt from the math placement exam. We recommend that students who believe they have taken the required math in a county outside the USA have their transcripts evaluated by AACRAO or WES as soon as possible, so that prior college work can be considered.

Which placement tests must I take?

International students and students who entered the United States after 7th grade are required to take the Michigan Test for Non-native Speakers to verify their reading and writing skills. Students who score more than 60 on the Michigan Test are also required to take the Writing Test. Finally students who score into ESOL 052 and who have not taken college math before will be asked to take the math placement exam.

How long do the tests take?

Each test takes about one hour.

When are the test results available?

The results from the Michigan Test and the Math Placement Test are available almost immediately. The Writing Test may take two business days.

Can I take the tests again?

Yes, if you feel you can do better, you may ask to take the tests a second time. In fact, if your score is close to the the next level, your adviser may suggest that you take a test again to ensure you are placed in the best possible courses.

When and where do I take the placement test?
You can take the Michigan Test at any CCBC Testing Center.