Registration Steps for Returning Students

You can register for classes as soon as registration opens for the next semester.  You do not need to wait until the semester ends or after you have received your grades.  

Before you register for classes, please verify your name, address and program of study in SIMONRead these instructions to change your personal information and update your official college records.

1. Meet with an advisor on your campus to discuss:

  • Course selection
  • Selecting a major/program of study 
  • Prerequisites for courses
  • Course transferability
  • Developmental education courses
  • Academic probation

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2. Successfully complete prerequisites.

Early registration assumes that you successfully complete prerequisite courses. You will need to drop any course for which you pre-registered if the prerequisite is not completed satisfactorily.

  • Prior to registration, review your final grades in any pre- or co-requisite courses to make sure they were successfully completed.
  • If you were not successful in completing the pre- or co-requisite courses, or if you earn a D grade where a C is required, you will not be able to take the class you selected for next term and you will need to adjust your early registration because you will not be allowed to continue in a course for which you are ineligible.

Course prerequisites are subject to change. Please check the online catalog or see your advisor for a current list of course prerequisites before registration.

3. Satisfy your outstanding obligations.

You are responsible for clearing all outstanding obligations, (e.g., library fines, student accounts) before registering for classes.

4. Register for classes.