Commencement Proper Decorum

The faculty and staff of CCBC congratulate you on your academic success and wish to ensure that the commencement ceremony will be a fitting conclusion to this phase of your education.

We ask your help in making the ceremony a pleasant experience for all by attentively considering the rights and feelings of other participants and guests.

The commencement ceremony is a traditional academic ritual. To participate in the ceremony, you must wear the appropriate academic regalia and maintain decorum. This means: no signs, fireworks, bottles, beach balls, cans, drugs or alcohol.

Appropriate clothing should be worn beneath the regalia. Comfortable attire is recommended beneath the regalia, but no shorts or tennis shoes are permitted. Graduates should wear low-heeled shoes in order to more easily maneuver the stairs. Students who do not have proper academic regalia (cap and gown) will not be permitted to process and cross the stage.

Graduates and guests are asked to turn off all electronic devices. Except to follow directions from the stage, graduates are asked to remain in their seats for the entire ceremony. Movement on the stadium floor is distracting to guests in the stands and is disrespectful to the speakers. Please refrain from loud and raucous behavior.