Writing Help: Grammar and Punctuation

If you are having difficulties with grammar and punctuation, you may benefit from personalized coaching, as opposed to just online feedback.

The OWL and Writing Center staff would be happy to work with you over an extended period to help you become better at fixing these kinds of problems. We will use a combination of explanations, exercises and your own writing to help you develop skills to avoid grammar and punctuation errors.

To start, you will send the tutor several examples of your writing. The tutor will then analyze your mistakes and send you a suggested plan for learning how to avoid and fix them.

Often grammar and punctuation problems are best handled in person, working one-on-one over multiple sessions. Your OWL tutor may suggest making an appointment at one of the on-campus writing centers. In addition, check out the other resources available to you online.

To set up an in-person appointment, contact the writing center on your campus.