• President Kurtinitis giving a speech

President's Greeting

Dear Colleagues: 

Once again, I invite each of you to join me in doing what we do best at CCBC: helping students. On February 15 we will launch our annual 2016 CCBC Employee Giving Campaign. Over the past years, our level of employee giving has grown from $26,000 in 2006 with 280 donors to $128,307 in 2015 from 377 donors.  With such generosity shown by our college community and with the economic stakes for our students still so high, we are setting the goal post for our 2016 campaign once again at the $100,000 mark!  

No matter the role we play at the college, every day each of us gives ourselves over to the task of helping, nurturing, educating, and mentoring students. The Employee Giving Campaign gives us the opportunity to show that support in a different way. Thanks to the generosity of many last year, students can buy textbooks, afford bus passes, or get extra help to pay tuition or fees.  Our collective gifts have a power that reaches well beyond us as individuals.

Anyone who has had a private parking space for a year or has won a television set from last year’s Employee Giving Campaign knows that helping others sometimes has very tangible rewards.  And as a special Thank You to those who give at the $250 level or above, I always host a special reception in May. 

In addition to the 50 funds to which donations can be made, this year’s Campaign includes three special initiatives:

  • The “Buy a Brick” Campaign to support the Hilton Mansion Renovations initiative.

  • The Romadka Family Challenge Grant initiative which offers a dollar-for-dollar match to establish a named endowment to support the Performing Arts.

  • General support of the Foundation’s unrestricted fund to support areas of greatest need, including scholarships and programs.

Please help us make a uniquely positive difference in the lives of our students again this year by joining CCBC’s 2016 Employee Giving Campaign.  We welcome small or large gifts.  Donor information and forms are available on the website. In addition, an enthusiastic group of campus campaign volunteers is ready to answer your questions and help you complete your donation form.  

If you contributed to last year’s campaign, the Foundation Office will soon forward a statement to you indicating the fund to which you donated and the amount of your contribution. All 2016 contributions are fully tax deductible in this calendar year. 



Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis