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On October 12, 2015 CCBC will launch its 2015 United Way of Central Maryland Campaign. Our college community has been very generous to the United Way in the past. We have increased our giving levels every year for the past 8 years.  For that warm show of support to our community, I thank you. In this challenging economic climate, our contributions make a real difference to many people every single day. They make our community―and often our college―a better place to live and work.

Again this year we are hoping to give our United Way Campaign a more personal CCBC touch by expanding our CCBC Emergency Student Fund. Although the region’s economy is slowly improving, the continued stresses on our student’s lives ― along with major changes in financial aid eligibility ― translate into an increase in the number of students experiencing personal distresses. The seriousness of these financial challenges―housing, transportation, books, tuition, etc.―makes it increasingly difficult to provide adequate emergency assistance to students from our available support funds. Last year, CCBC distributed $32,000 in Emergency Assistance to cover a range of needs from buying books to paying electric bills. Please consider committing at least a portion of your pledge to this effort this year by designating the CCBC Foundation: CCBC Emergency Student Fund as the targeted recipient of your gift.

Please consider responding positively when one of our CCBC United Way volunteers approaches you. I invite you to join me in making a leadership gift of $300 or more to become a member of CCBC’s Live 360° United Team, but please consider giving whatever you can. To show our thanks, the Institutional Advancement staff have once again assembled an array of gifts for donor incentives: a reserved parking space for a year; lunch for you and five friends at any restaurant of your choice (fancy is good and I pay the bill!); plus many others.

Ms. Cathy Birkelien, our campaign chair, will soon forward information about the campaign and the list of donor incentives to the college community. She will also detail information about how to make this year’s pledge, either via the donation form or online. If you would like to find out more about how your donation will help the many agencies the United Way serves, please visit the United Way of Central Maryland UWCM Web site at You can also contact Ms. Birkelien at ext. 3335 or speak with one of the campus campaign volunteers who will be contacting you next week with more information. They can assist you in completing your pledge form or making an online donation.

Last year we set a United Way Campaign Goal of $30,000. Our CCBC family beat that goal by raising $34,093. This year we maintain the $30,000 goal, and again hoping to surpass it. Please consider helping us support CCBC students while we support the United Way.

Kindest regards,

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Sandra L. Kurtinitis, Ph.D.