In Recognition of Malcolm Graham Vinzant, Jr.

Close up of M. Graham Vinzant, Jr.M. Graham Vinzant, Jr. (1930-2009) was a founding faculty member of then Catonsville Community College (CCC). In 1961, he joined CCC as a college counselor and two years later, was promoted to dean of students. As a counselor and dean of students, he was primarily responsible for developing a campus climate that respected the individual dignity and worth of students.

During his tenure, Mr. Vinzant and his staff’s development of student service programs such as child care, health services, counseling/advisement, student mentoring, career development, staff diversity and special services for the physically handicapped at the college drew national attention. Under his leadership, the first phase of the Student Services Center was designed and constructed providing a dedicated space for students to engage.

In 1982, Mr. Vinzant was named director of the college's occupational training center, which assisted thousands of displaced workers and unemployed adults with career skill building and finding jobs. Through his work, he developed an intensive curriculum that provided a model for training disadvantaged adults and worked with corporate partners like IBM, General Motors, Ford, Westinghouse and others to provide equipment and needed resources for the program.

In 1992, Mr. Vinzant retired from Catonsville Community College and today his contributions continue to have a great impact on CCBC, our students, community, faculty/staff and alumni.