School of Mathematics and Science

  • CCBC enrolls over 35,000 credit students a year, 62 percent female, 43 percent minority, and 91 percent 20 or older.
  • All CCBC students are required to successfully complete at least one physical science general education course as part of the science general education requirement for earning an Associate’s degree

Grant highlights

  • The STEM Winter Bridge Program, funded for two consecutive years by the Arconic Foundation, is designed to increase persistence and completion, particularly among underrepresented populations.
  • A Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation subgrant with UMBC creates a STEM community and supports curricular alignment projects in STEM areas of study between CCBC and UMBC and the delivery of enhanced advising services for transfer students in STEM related fields.
  • Redesigned introductory Math, Biology, and Chemistry courses. Statewide results indicate a 20% increase in student pass rates.
  • Over the two year period, 99 students benefited from STEM scholarships, 37% of the awards were made to women.
  • Increased educators knowledge of research and effective practices to address issues concerning women and underrepresented student in STEM programs.