CCBC-TV Program Guide

Comcast channel 71, Verizon channel 33

Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs

A one-hour program dealing with topics in international politics, economics, and social issues as they affect the United States. Each program consists of a guest speaker addressing the Council followed by a question and answer period. Guest speakers include foreign ambassadors and national and international political and diplomatic representatives. Produced on a monthly basis . For more information contact the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs 410.727.2150.

CCBC Arts Showcase

Produced by CCBC-TV, each hour-long program highlights the artistic and creative talents of CCBC students, faculty and guest artists in performances, and exhibits presented on the CCBC campuses.

CCBC Meet the Program

Produced by CCBC College Communications, this program highlights various academic and career programs.

CCBC Perspectives

Features CCBC invited lecturers and college faculty as they explore a variety of topics of academic and community interest presenting thought provoking lectures, forums and panel discussions on contemporary issues and current events. Topics range from Philosophy to Diversity to Women's Issues to the Learning College. This hour long series is produced by CCBC-TV.

CCBC Promos

Produced by the CCBC College Communications.

CCBC Special Presentations

Each year CCBC-TV offers a variety of special presentations ranging from documentaries to artistic performances to lectures/discussions of contemporary concerns. Every summer, we showcase our students in our full-length Graduation coverage. Check often for announcements on upcoming specials on CCBC-TV.

MTA Commuter Connections

Produced by Maryland Transit Administration, this program describes the variety of services provided for MTA users. MTA web site:

National Science Foundation

A variety of features and programs produced by the National Science Foundation.

Neighborhood Beat

This lively 30-minute show features interviews with local, state and regional community leaders and covers a variety of topics including neighborhood living, community development, housing, human rights, accessibility for people with disabilities and other issues important to neighborhoods. The show is hosted and produced by Bill Kladky, administrator of the Greater Baltimore Community Housing Resource Board, Inc. The program is funded by the GBCHRB Inc. and is produced in partnership with CCBC-TV. For more information contact the producer Bill Kladky or visit

Public Safety

Produced by The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency; a federal executive branch entity providing parole, probation and reentry services to Washington, D.C. Key topics include crime, criminal offenders, the criminal justice system, faith-based programs, domestic violence, treatment, interviews with offenders, offender reentry, sex offenders, women offenders, public safety, parole and probation, high-risk offenders, programs with law enforcement and many other topics.

Reel Talk

Produced by HCC-TV this magazine format program hosted by Brian Roan and Dan Gvozden highlights recent theatrical film releases and happenings in the film industry.

Straight Talk

This hard-hitting interview program is targeted to adolescents and young adults and focuses on substance abuse issues. Straight Talk is hosted by Mike Gimbel and features a variety of guests including victims of substance abuse, representatives from social services agencies, law enforcement and advocacy groups. The program is produced monthly by the Baltimore County Office of Substance Abuse. For information contact Mike Gimbel 410.938.3102.

The CCBC Bulletin Board

A text-over-still-picture display of announcements broadcast on the cable channels promoting the college and providing information on college services. These announcements contain information on college events, activities and services that are open to the general public. In addition, The CCBC Bulletin Board displays information on Career & Academic Programs and for Continuing & Adult Education opportunities etc. For more information contact CCBC Television 443.840.1566.

The Writing Life

Presented by the Howard County Poetry and Literary Society: HoCoPoLitSo, this half-hour monthly program features world renowned and national poets and writers who discuss the craft of writing and share their work. Each episode is hosted by a local poet. The Writing Life is produced by HCC-TV Howard Community College. For additional information contact HoCoPoLitSo 410.730.7524 or

Coming Soon

Democracy Now!

A daily independent global news hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González.

A magazine format program series, covers the travel marketplace with news about special events, travel tips and useful information for both the leisure and business traveler. provides interviews with travel writers, personalities and experts that illuminate both inside tips and the basic knowledge to let the average traveler take advantage of the opportunities available from those “in the know.”