Transmission Policies

All video transmission requests must be made to the Director of Cable Television.

Requests for promotion of academic programs, events or service should be requested on a Bulletin Board Promo form. Completed forms will be evaluated and the decision to accept or reject the program will be communicated verbally via telephone and confirmed in writing either through e-mail, memo or formal correspondence through the U.S. Mail.

Once a program is accepted for airing, the Director of Cable Television will prepare an agreement clarifying commitments for both CCBC-TV and the client.

Additionally, the following contingencies apply:
  1. Programming agreements will be reviewed for renewal upon contract termination date. It should not be assumed that a program would automatically be renewed. A new cablecasting agreement form will be issued to confirm contract renewal
  2. The station reserves the right to terminate transmission agreement if the technical or aesthetic standard of the program deteriorates any time during the duration of the agreement.
  3. Programs for transmission must be received by CCBC-TV no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled airtime in order to review them for adherence to technical and aesthetic standards.
  4. Programs can be pre-empted or removed from air at the discretion of the CCBC-TV team if its content or technical quality deviates in any way from terms listed above. The team's decisions are final.
  5. CCBC-TV is not responsible for problems with the delivery of a program caused by equipment failure, technical problems from Comcast, or the program source (tape, satellite etc.) CCBC-TV will not offer refunds for programs not aired unless the failure was caused by a programming error.