ADA Guidelines




The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) is committed to full compliance with all laws regarding equal employment opportunity for faculty and staff with disabilities. CCBC supervisors, employees, the Office of Institutional Equity, and the Disability Support Services (DSS) offices play an important role in ensuring that reasonable and appropriate services and accommodations are provided to employees in a timely and effective manner.



Employees may seek further information about appropriate services from the CCBC Office of Institutional Equity or the DSS offices on each campus that provides services for students with disabilities. In addition, employees may seek workplace accommodations of their disability.



When an employee wishes to request an accommodation of a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the following process will be used.

The employee will put his/her request in writing to the supervisor with a carbon copy to Penny Milsom, the Director of Human Resources. The request will contain the following: 

  1. the reason for the request and
  2. the specific function(s) of the current job that form the basis for the request for accommodation and
  3. any suggestions for how the function might be changed or possible accommodation(s).

A statement of the employee's attending physician or the treating health care professional that relates to both (a) and (b) above must accompany the employee's request. (CCBC may request additional medical opinion or appropriate documentation--at the college's expense--to clarify or substantiate this statement from the physician or health care professional.)

Once the ADA Coordinator receives the employee's request and physician statement, she will schedule a mediation meeting with all appropriate college personnel in a timely fashion. To respect employee privacy, only those persons directly involved in the request will be included in this meeting and the matter will be treated confidentially.

Prior to the mediation meeting, the ADA Coordinator will meet privately and individually with all appropriate parties to gather data.

The first mediation meeting will begin with a discussion of the specific functions of the current job affected by the employee's disability and possible accommodations.

Each point will be discussed in detail by all parties in order to

  1. clearly understand the situation caused by the disability,
  2. determine whether the affected functions are essential functions of the
  3. determine whether there are accommodations, which would allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the job,
  4. generate a list of possible accommodations which is as inclusive as possible, and
  5. identify areas of concern where more information is needed.

If there ARE accommodations that would allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the job**, the process will continue with at least one subsequent meeting. At subsequent meeting(s) each possible accommodation will be discussed in detail to determine the "reasonableness" of each. The appropriate dean/ college official will be included in these subsequent meetings.

The appropriate dean/ college official (in consultation with the ADA Coordinator, the Executive Director of Human Resources Institutional Equity and Labor Relations and the affected supervisor) will identify the accommodation(s) to be offered to the employee. The dean/ college official will answer any remaining questions that the employee may have about the details of the accommodation offered.**

This accommodation offer will be given in a timely manner by the dean/ college official to the employee in written form, with a copy to the ADA Coordinator. A timetable for implementation will be included in the written offer.

The employee will sign and return the accommodation offer, signaling his/her acceptance of it. If the employee does not agree with the accommodation offered he/she may: 

  1. appeal through the college's regular grievance process, or
  2. decide to take disability leave or otherwise terminate his/her contract with the college.

**If there ARE NOT reasonable accommodations that would allow the employee to perform the essential functions of the job, the employee will be advised of leave options or benefits available to him or her.

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