Radiography - Goals



  1. Students will be clinically competent.
  2. Students will use critical thinking skills.
  3. Students will communicate effectively.
  4. Students will evaluate the need for professionalism.
  5. The program will constantly measure its effectiveness in graduating entry-level technologists.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate positioning skills and clinical competences,
  2. select appropriate technical factors,
  3. demonstrate knowledge of and practice radiation safety,
  4. manipulate technical factors for non-routine examinations,
  5. evaluate and critique radiographic images,
  6. demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills,
  7. demonstrate professional behavior,
  8. understand professional ethics,
  9. complete the radiography program and the requirements for the Associate in Applied Science degree,
  10. pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam on the first attempt,
  11. will score at or above the national average on the ARRT certification exam,
  12. will express satisfaction with educational preparedness of the radiography program, and
  13. will obtain employment in the radiologic/medical imaging field.

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