Respiratory Therapy - Facts

Quick Facts

  • Respiratory Therapists provide care that helps people manage a wide range of breathing problems caused by disease, accident, or illness. Whenever and wherever breathing is an issue, respiratory therapists are there to provide care.
  • In the United States, there are over 130,000 respiratory therapists who evaluate, treat, educate, and monitor patients with all kinds of breathing disorders. The even help prevent chronic lung disease by couseling those who smoke to quit and by teaching people how to manage their respiratory conditions.
  • Students rotate through a wide variety of clinical sites, which provide them with experience in all aspects of respiratory care. The faculty are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals to become Registered Respiratory Therapists. The program provides learning opportunities that are responsive and accessible to the diverse students that we serve.
  • The program has been in existence since 1980 and has an excellent reputation in the medical community. We have hospitals both within and outside the state requesting our graduates. Our Respiratory Therapist program will provide you with a great job at a good salary, an opportunity to help others, and a rewarding career for life.

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