Dundalk Athletics

CCBC Dundalk Athletics Support Staff

Administrator of CCBC Dundalk Athletics Dave Mintzer dmintzer@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3114
Dean of College Life Caroline Scott cscott@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3443
Director of College Athletics Title IX Coordinator for CCBC Athletics Brian Farrell bfarrell@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-4419
Student Athlete Academic Coordinator Elliott Oppenheim eoppenheim@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3743
Athletics Secretary Iona Simms isimms@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3181
Athletic Trainer Jared Braverman jbraverman@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3610
Physical Education/Athletics Technician Ray Pasterfield rpasterfield@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3310
Athletic Specialist Cleveland Rudisill crudisill@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3707
Athletic Specialist Patricia Dugger pdugger@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-3115
Public Address Announcer Lamont Germany n/a n/a

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