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Community Colleg of Baltimore County's School of Justice



Eduction and training are available in these areas:

  • Business Studies

  • Criminal Justice Studies Department: Program provides students with the foundations for careers in law enforcement, juvenile services, private security, probation and parole, corrections, and law at the federal, state, and county levels, among others.

  • Legal Studies Department: Program provides students education, training and experience with the legal system, as well as with substantive and procedural law. Students leave CCBC with the skills to work successfully in the legal field under the supervision of an attorney.

  • Professional Development Center: Provides quality training, for in service law enforcement and legal professionals, through the delivery of credit, and non-credit continuing education for law enforcement and legal professionals desiring to enhance their skills and further their careers. The Professional Development Center offers a wide variety of seminars, open enrollment courses, certificate programs and customized training programs.


 Students have the option to pursue their education along four training pathways:

  • Degree and Certification Programs:
    • Traditional education programs where students achieve academic degrees and certificates.

  • Professional Training:
    • Career enhancing courses designed to expose those in the field to the latest certifications and professional skills.

  • Lifelong Learning:
    • Personal enrichment opportunities for individuals to learn more about those aspects of the criminal justice and legal fields that most interest them.

  • Customized Training:
    • Custom-designed training for law enforcement agencies to address the specific educational needs related to terrorism and disaster emergency response actions.