2012-2013 CCBC College Catalog

Student Development

SDEV 001 – 0 Credits, 3 Billable Hours
Educational Preparation

Provides students with an overview of their learning strengths and weaknesses; gives an overview of college expectation, an orientation to campus support services, learning strategies, career planning and job placement services; may be recommended based on placement tests results.

SDEV 002 – 0 Credits, 2 Billable Hours
Becoming a College Student

Assits in setting goals, problem solving, building self-esteem and making positive academic, personal and career choices.

Corequisite: RDNG 051 or ESOL 044

SDEV 003 – 0 Credits, 3 Billable Hours
Basic Oral Presentation

Is part of the support cluster of classes for students enrolled in RDNG 051 and focuses on discussion and making oral presentations.

Corequisite: RDNG 051 or ESOL 044

SDEV 004 – 0 Credits, 3 Billable Hours
Basic Thinking Strategies

SDEV 101 – 3 Credits
Achieving Academic Success

Focuses on skills, attitudes and behaviors that affect student success. Includes learning styles, study skills, time management, communication and career exploration.

SDEV 102 – 3 Credits
Master Student

Identify and develop specific personal managment skills and study strategies that promote self-confidence and academic success.

Corequisite: RDNG 052 or ESOL 054 and ENGL 052 or ESOL 052

SDEV 103 – 3 Credits
Career/Life Planning

Develops an understanding of the career decision making process leading to lifetime career management. Topics include interests, values, skills, job market trends and job search strategies.

SDEV 104 – 1 Credit
Maximize Career Success with Social Media & Internet Resources

Examines impact of social media on job search/advancement; includes best practice for locating job vacancies; improves likelihood of gaining interviews by building a pos. web presence; online job apps/resumes; Facebook/Linkedln for success; online markets for skills, services, products. NOTE: Course offered every fall, spring and may be offered during additional sessions.

Prerequisites: ENGL 051 or ESOL 042 and RDNG 051 or ESOL 044; or ACLT 052

SDEV 105 – 1 Credit
Job Hunting Techniques

SDEV 110 – 3 Credits
Career Exploration for Women

Provides a career seminar for women; focuses on examining skills, aptitudes, values, and interests in order to decide on a specific career direction; offers vital supplemental skills for the transition from home and school to the outside work force, negotiating for salary and managing home and work. For individuals currently considering a change from home to an outside job and/or those who are making a career decision.

Prerequisites: ENGL 051 or ESOL 042 and RDNG 051 or ESOL 044; or ACLT 052

SDEV 111 – 1 Credit
Career Exploration/Decision Making

Teaches students the skills to obtain valuable information about themselves and teh world of work to make an informed career decision and to choose an academic major.

Prerequisites: RDNG 051 or ESOL 044; or ACLT 052

SDEV 112 – 3 Credits
Career Exploration in Health Occupation

Explores a variety of health occupations as they relate to students' interests, abilities, and skills; provides personal assessment, self-evaluation, and a multi-media approach; enables students to make informed choices about the health career that best suits them. Appropriate for students who want to work in a health care setting, but need specific information about the multitude of health care professions available.

Corequisites: RDNG 051 (conc) or ESOL 044 (conc) and ENGL 051 (conc) or ESOL 042 (conc)

SDEV 117 – 3 Credits
Portfolio Development

Provides an opportunity to assist students in examining their past experiences, to identify and clarify college-level learning within those experiences and to document that learning in a format that can be evaluated by a faculty assessor for possible credit awards for selected courses.

Prerequisite: Written permission from Director of Experiential Learning required

SDEV 122 – 1 Credit

Explores the concept of assertiveness and develops its use as an aid to positive, effective communication in interpersonal relationships.

SDEV 130 – 1 Credit
Test Taking Techniques

SDEV 134 – 1 Credit
Human Potential Seminar

SDEV 135 – 3 Credits
Personal Development

SDEV 136 – 2 Credits
Self Exploration

SDEV 140 – 1 Credit
Life Management Skill-Conflict/ID/Resolution

SDEV 142 – 3 Credits
Creative Problem Solving/Decision Making

SDEV 150 – 3 Credits
Student Leadership Training

SDEV 151 – 1 Credit
Leadership in Groups

SDEV 156 – 1 Credit
Become Master Stdnt-HS Student

Provides an opportunity to learn and adopt methods that promote success in school.

Corequisites: RDNG 052 or ESOL 054

SDEV 173 – 3 Credits
Internship:Peer Counseling