2007 CCBC College Catalog


MNGT 101 – 3 Credits
Introduction to Business and Industry

Examines the functions in business and develops a framework for the further study of business; serves as an interdisciplinary course drawing from such areas as marketing, product strategy, finance, and business ethics.

MNGT 105 – 3 Credits
Principles of Management

Examines the basic managerial processes and activities; relates findings in the behavioral sciences to the various levels of management and aids the student in understanding theory and practice of management.

MNGT 110 – 3 Credits
Principles of Supervision

Introduces the responsibilities of the supervisor; presents a broad concept of both the technical and human problems that may be encountered and how to approach them.

MNGT 113 – 3 Credits
Human Relations in Organizations

Examines possible reasons for the way people behave in organizations; explores the theories in areas of jobs–satisfaction, fit, design, motivation, change management, and group dynamics/decision making; covers communications, power-politics, leadership, structure, and design.

Prerequisites: MNGT 101 and ENGL 101 or LVE 3

MNGT 115 – 3 Credits
Seminar in Supervisory Problems

Analysis and solving of specific types of technical and human problems encountered primarily by the first line supervisor; case problem approach is utilized.

MNGT 140 – 3 Credits
Business Law I

Introduces the legal principles involved in the conduct of businesses. Topics covered include an overview of the legal system and sources of law, dispute resolution, torts, contracts, sales, agency, and bailments of personal property. The Uniform Commercial Code is applied where appropriate

MNGT 141 – 3 Credits
Business Law II

A continuation of Business Law I and continues with the legal principles involved in the conduct of businesses. Topics covered include partnerships, corporations, securities regulation, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, real property and landlord/tenant.

Prerequisite: MNGT 140

MNGT 150 – 3 Credits
Principles of Marketing

Examines the managerial approach to the basic problems and practices in marketing; provides an analysis of marketing methods and techniques, channels of distribution, pricing, product lines and promotion.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101

MNGT 152 – 3 Credits
Retail Management

Examines operation and management of the various types of retailing institutions; covers basic retailing, planning, stock control, pricing, and sales promotion.

Prerequisite: MNGT 150 (May be taken concurrently)

MNGT 153 – 3 Credits
International Marketing

Examines the special situations which develop in international marketing and contrasts international marketing functions with domestic marketing; covers the application of advertising techniques in foreign nations; legal, economic, and cultural factors; and the problems in conducting international marketing operations in developed and emerging countries, and establishing international marketing policies.

MNGT 154 – 3 Credits

Introduces the fundamental principles of advertising; covers the strategic, managerial, creative, and financial elements of advertising.

Prerequisite: MNGT 150

MNGT 158 – 3 Credits

Examines selling techniques and strategies used to influence purchases; offers practice for students in preparing/presenting sales talks.

MNGT 159 – 3 Credits
Managing Customer Relations and Service

Prepares students to interact effectively with customers and to manage those who provide customer service; studies understanding customer behavior, implementing business policy, and maintaining good will.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101 or consent of instructor

MNGT 160 – 6 Credits
General Property and Casualty Insurance

Assists those preparing to take the General Property and Casualty Insurance Qualification/License in the State of Maryland.

MNGT 161 – 3 Credits
Life and Health Insurance

Assists those preparing to take the examination in Life and Health Insurance Qualification/ License in the State of Maryland.

MNGT 181-184 – (1-4 Credits)
Cooperative Education I: Management Studies

Provides the student with academic credit for knowledge and skill outcomes derived from a planned work experience in the student’s chosen career field; provides entry-level career-related experience and workplace competencies that employers value when hiring new employees.

Prerequisite: 12 college credits, 2.5 QPA (in major), 2.0 overall GPA. Consent of program director of dean

MNGT 191-193 – 3 Credits
Seminars in International Business

Examines current international business patents, different social systems within countries as they affect trade, and major theories that explain how trade develops; introduces how institutions, countries, and individual corporate strategies are affected by system environmental forces and technological changes.

NOTE: Students may take up to three credits for this course, 1 credit per seminar offered.

MNGT 201 – 3 Credits
Human Resources Management

Covers contemporary behavioral theory relating to the management of people at work; examines basic processes that are involved in the procurement, development, and maintenance of human resources including analysis of key legislation affecting the management of personnel.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101 or consent of the instructor

MNGT 202 – 3 Credits
Seminar in Human Resource Management

Develops human resource management skills using experiential exercises and case problems involving simulated business practices; examines realistic problems requiring application of established theories and concepts in accordance with the various laws that affect the management of personnel.

Prerequisite: MNGT 201

MNGT 203 – 3 Credits
Labor Management Relations

Studies labor-management problems and their impact on the economy; explores union history and government, collective bargaining, economics of the labor market and the impact of governmental regulations on labor-management relations, including analysis of key legislation.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101 or consent of instructor

MNGT 204 – 3 Credits
Early Childhood Management

Examines the operation and administration of an effective child care program in terms of management, health, and safety issues. Topics include needs assessment, site selection, environmental design, personnel, community resources, record keeping, business procedures, regulations, budgets, marketing and legal issues. NOTE: Same as

EDTR 204. Credit earned for one only.

Prerequisite: EDTR 121

MNGT 206 – 3 Credits
Small Business Management I

Examines the management of a small business; analyzes the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling as applied to small businesses.

Prerequisites: ACCT 102 and MNGT 105

MNGT 207 – 3 Credits
Business Finance

Surveys financial management and cover both basic principles and current problems; studies the role of the financial manager and financial risks, returns, and objectives in the environment of financial institutions and the capital markets.

MNGT 211 – 3 Credits
Compensation Administration

Studies the five major areas of wage and salary administration; examines job evaluation, employee evaluation, job standardization and work measurement, incentive, wages, and managerial compensation.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101 or consent of instructor

MNGT 212 – 3 Credits
Office Administrative Procedures

Studies the techniques, routines, procedures, and administration of the office; examines the secretarial profession, transmittal services, travel and conference arranging, human resources, and the administrative supervisory role.

Prerequisite: CINS 101

MNGT 215 – 3 Credits
Managerial Analysis and Decision Making

Analyzes business and industrial problems utilizing the case method; provides practice in analyzing companies, discovering problems, and developing solutions.

Prerequisite: MNGT 239

MNGT 219 – 3 Credits
Sales Management

Examines organization and administration of the sales division with emphasis on recruiting, selecting, and supervising the sales force.

Prerequisite: MNGT 150

MNGT 239/ENGL 239 – 3 Credits
Business Communications

Provides a comprehensive and practical study of written, oral, and visual business communication, both internal and external; includes a brief review of English mechanics and organization followed by assignments in writing business letters, memoranda, e-mail correspondences, job descriptions, performance evaluations, a job resume, a job application letter, and several business memo reports. NOTE: Same as ENGL 239. Credit can be earned for one course only.

Prerequisite: ENGL 101

MNGT 241 – 3 Credits
Labor and Employment Law

Examines labor and employment legislation and its impact including its historical origins and future prospects; examines labor legislation, employment legislation, current workplace issues such as drug and alcohol testing, sexual harassment, smoking restrictions, and dealing with AIDS afflicted employees.

Prerequisite: Six semester hours in courses with MNGT prefixes or consent of instructor

MNGT 243 – 3 Credits
Collective Bargaining and Professional Negotiations

Examines the theory and practice of collective negotiations in the public and private sectors; covers both formal negotiations and contract administration. Encompasses mediation, arbitration, and fact-finding.

Prerequisite: MNGT 203 or consent of instructor

MNGT 251 – 3 Credits
Family Financial Planning and Investments

Examines the concepts and strategies used in savings and investments using stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, real estate, private placements, collectibles and other kinds of savings and investment tools and programs; covers all types of insurance products; wills, trusts, and estate planning, retirement planning, college funding, debt reduction, and the proper use of credit.

MNGT 252 – 3 Credits
Securities Licensing

Assists in preparing students to take the Series 7 securities licensing exam.

MNGT 257 – 3 Credits
Financial Management

Provides an overview of the various facets and functions of a business enterprise including management, labor relations, and marketing; explores law, accounting, and the Stock Market.

Prerequisite: ACCT 102 and MATH 083

MNGT 265/PHIL 265 – 3 Credits
Business Ethics

Introduces the ethics of business operation in a changing pluralistic environment with changing social values and demands; covers corporate accountability, employee rights, multinationals, and the role of ethics in a free economic system.

Prerequisite: MNGT 101

MNGT 271-273 (1-3 Credits)

Involves the application of measurable learning objectives and evaluation of (non-paid) practical field experience.

Prerequisite: Minimum cumulative QPA of 2.0 and written approval of the program Coordinator and the Academic Dean. 60 Hours – one credit, 120 Hours – two credits, 180 Hours – three credits. Credits awarded on the basis of total hours worked and the attainment of the learning objective.

MNGT 281-284 (1-4 Credits)
Cooperative Education II: Management

Provides academic credit for knowledge and skill outcomes derived from a planned work experience in the student’s chosen career field; continues to reinforce and to build skills and knowledge beyond those acquired in Cooperative Education I.

Prerequisite: Consent of program director or dean