2010 CCBC College Catalog

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

The U.S. Department of Education requires the college to establish standards and monitor the academic progress of all students who receive Title IV funds to determine whether they are meeting the requirements. Students who do not meet these standards are placed on financial aid probation or have their eligibility suspended.

A student must successfully complete more than 51% of credits attempted for each of the last two academic semesters of enrollment, including developmental courses, and must maintain the following grade point averages for the number of credits:

6-18 credits


19-31 credits


32-44 credits


45 or more


(Note: These academic standard requirements are different from the college’s academic standard criteria.)

Financial aid recipients are reviewed for satisfactory progress at the end of each semester. A student who does not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards is automatically placed on probation after one semester. A student who is suspended because of academic progress is ineligible for any further financial aid until satisfactory academic progress is reestablished.

A student who is suspended from receiving financial aid because of unsatisfactory academic progress, as outlined by the financial aid academic standards section, may appeal the suspension by submitting a completed and signed appeal form with documentation to the Financial Aid office. After the appeal is reviewed, the student will receive a written notification of the decision of the appeal.

A student is allowed 98 attempted credits to complete the program of study and receive financial funding. A student who completes an A.A. degree or 98 credits and plans to pursue additional credits must meet with the designated financial aid officer for approval.

A student may take developmental courses and receive financial aid but cannot exceed 30 semester hours of developmental courses without special authorization from the financial aid officer.