Banneker Planetarium


Space Image Investigating Earth and Space

From sunrise to sunset, the changes in the daytime sky will be shown.  As the night progresses, various constellations will be pointed out.  The effects of the Earth's rotation as seen from the North Pole and from the equator will also be demonstrated.

The daytime sky from off in space will be the backdrop for the effects of the yearly revolutions of the Earth and other planets around the Sun.  The causes of the seasonal changes will be evident.  The looping paths of the planets will be explained as will be the changing phases of the Moon.  Both lunar and solar eclipses will be illustrated.  The effects of the Earth's 26,000-year wobble will be witnessed in speeded-up fashion.


Rotation   Revolution
Constellation   Orbit
North celestial pole   Ecliptic
Celestial equator   Zodiac
Gibbous   Retrograde
Eclipse   Solstice
Precession   Equinox

Show is appropriate for Third through Sixth Grade, and can be

adapted for Seventh through Twelfth Grade.

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