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The primary function of the CCBC-Television channel is to assist the college in furthering its student learning goals and objectives and to address the special educational needs of residents of Baltimore County that are otherwise unmet by other TV operations in the area. The station can be seen on Comcast's Cable channel 71 and on Verizon's Cable channel33 as part of their basic cable service in Baltimore County, Maryland with a potential viewing audience of over 400,000 households. The college has sole responsibility for the selection of programs aired on the channel and for any decisions related to its use.

Several of the programs aired on CCBC-TV are produced in-house at the station's production center. Other programming is acquired from external sources including, other educational institutions, local independent producers and local government agencies. CCBC-TV programming cycle mirrors the college's academic calendar, and rotates with Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer semesters. The station reverts to Sunday programming and transmission schedule on legal holidays and semester breaks including Labor day, Thanksgiving, Winter recess, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Spring recess, Memorial day and Independence day.

The channel also showcases the college's Bulletin Board which contains valuable information about a variety of college academic programs and services including contact numbers. It also highlights a calendar of events and activities open to students and the community at large.

Programming Objectives


  • Provide a distance education delivery/distribution system for credit and non-credit courses
  • Promote courses, services and programs provided by CCBC in order to encourage community participation
  • Enhance and reinforce the image of CCBC through quality local production and other programming from contracted services
  • Provide educational/informational programming from other educational institutions and government agencies that will facilitate positive human development
  • Provide informational and cultural programming (including those that serve the needs of "special population") that is directly related to the College's mission and goals and that is not provided by other television operators in the area
Programming Categories


CCBC-TV programming is a blend of the following broad subject matters within the curriculum and principles of CCBC as a Vanguard Learning-centered institution:

  • Arts and Literature - which includes literary, performing and visual arts
  • Business and Economics - contains series highlighting successful business practices
  • CCBC Origination - ranging from news, CCBC Bulletin Board, lectures and documentaries, to talk shows, music and drama
  • College of the Air - television courses for credit on a variety of academic disciplines in the CCBC curriculum. Other non-credit courses are transmitted for continuing education and for the educational enrichment of the community at large
  • Cultural Diversity - including documentaries and magazine programs on different countries and cultures and in different languages including French, German and Spanish.
  • Health - containing series addressing individual and public health issues
  • History & Political Science - touching on national, international and local history, and foreign affairs
  • Language & Communication - including series in the comprehension and use of the English language, writing, writers, and their writing styles
  • Public Affairs and Government - highlighting local and regional governmental services, public information, and reports from elected local representatives in congress
  • Science and Technology - including series on astronomy and the environment
  • Sociology and Social Issues - highlighting life choices, morality, family and social interactions
Evaluation Criteria for Programming Selection


CCBC-TV Programming and program selection policies are designed to serve the College's mission and enhance its image and visibility in the Baltimore County community. As such, changes in programming policies will be driven by changes in the college's own strategic directions at any given time. Therefore, all programs suggested for airing, regardless of their source, will be reviewed by the CCBC-TV Team to determine their appropriateness to the college's mission according to the following criteria:

  • How does the program fit the current objectives of the college?
  • How does it enhance the college's interests in the community?
  • What educational value does it have for the citizens of Baltimore County?
  • What need, demand or known audience would the program serve?
  • How relevant is the program content to the programming categories described above? Does the station have cable rights to air the program? Are there restrictions on such rights?
  • Does the technical quality of the program meet the technical standard of the station?
  • Does the production aesthetics meet the standards established by the station?
  • Does the program content reflect the non-profit, non-commercial status of the college? (The station will not accept any program that promotes the sale of a product, an establishment or a service)
  • Is a pilot or demo DVD available that would establish the "flavor" of the content and technical quality of the program?
  • Does the program have the potential to generate income for the station?
  • If it is not income generating, does the station have enough funds in its budget to cover cable right and other fees associated with the program or, does the requester have the funds to support distribution?
  • Is airtime available to accommodate the program?
Transmission Proposal and Program Acceptance Process


All video transmission requests must be made to the Director of Cable Television on a Programming/Transmission Request form (Request Form). Requests for promotion of academic programs, events or service should be requested on a Bulletin Board Promo form (Request Form). Completed forms will be evaluated on the criteria listed above and the decision to accept or reject the program will be communicated verbally via telephone and confirmed in writing either through e-mail, memo or formal correspondence through the U.S. Mail.

Once a program is accepted for airing, the Director of Cable Television will prepare a Programming/Transmission Agreement form (Request Form) clarifying commitments for both CCBC-TV and the client. Additionally, the following contingencies apply:

1. Programming agreements will be reviewed for renewal upon contract termination date. It should not be assumed that a program would automatically be renewed. A new cablecasting agreement form will be issued to confirm contract renewal

2. The station reserves the right to terminate transmission agreement if the technical or aesthetic standard of the program deteriorates any time during the duration of the agreement.

3. Programs for transmission must be received by CCBC-TV no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled airtime in order to review them for adherence to technical and aesthetic standards.

4. Programs can be pre-empted or removed from air at the discretion of the CCBC-TV team if its content or technical quality deviates in any way from terms listed above. The team's decisions are final.

5. CCBC-TV is not responsible for problems with the delivery of a program caused by equipment failure, technical problems from Comcast, or the program source (tape, satellite etc.) CCBC-TV will not offer refunds for programs not aired unless the failure was caused by a programming error.

Transmission/Programming Request Forms


For copies of forms, contact Digital Media Production Services/CCBC-TV

  • Programming/Transmission Request Form
  • Bulletin Board Pomotional Request Form
  • Programming/Transmission Agreement Form
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