First -Year Experience (FYE)

Mission: To connect first-year students to campus, classmates, faculty, staff, and the community as a whole through programs that address intellectual and academic competence, campus engagement, civic responsibility, and interpersonal relationships.

Top 10 Benefits of FYE:

1. Improve your transition to college life and increase the likelihood of success!
2. Feel connected to CCBC.
3. Understand and utilize the resources available to you at CCBC.
4. Discover more about yourself.
5. Get involved outside the classroom by participating in co-curricular activities.
6. Enhance your academic skills and explore your career goals.
7. Network with fellow CCBC students.
8. Gain leadership experience and add it to your resume.
9. Take advantage of events, speakers, food, and giveaways at little or no cost.
10. Learn ways to keep motivated and complete your education!

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