Office of Student Life - Purpose

The Student Life Program is based on a Student Development approach to teaching and learning. What is Student Development? It is “the application of human development concepts in post secondary educational settings so that everyone involved can master increasingly complex developmental tasks, achieve self-direction, and become inter-dependent.”

The Student Development practitioner is a faculty member, student affairs professional, or any other person who works to bring about the growth of all engaged in higher education.

Our Student Life Program is defined as co-curricular because as teaching professionals we believe that learning takes place in a variety of settings both in and outside of the classroom. One of our major functions is to support the educational mission of the college. The body of research regarding student success factors supports our belief that involvement in co-curricular learning enhances the learning experienced by students in the classroom.


The purpose of the Student Life Program at the Community College of Baltimore County is to provide a comprehensive program that provides cultural, social, recreational, health and wellness, and an intellectual environment for all.

The focus of the Office of Student Life will be:

• To assist students in integrating formal classroom learning with out-of-classroom experiences;
• To provide a wide array of programs and services that satisfy the needs of a diverse multicultural student population;
• To provide opportunities for student to obtain theoretical and practical learning in structured leadership training program;
• To offer a co-curricular activity program that contributes to the college’s growth by attracting prospective students, providing services for members of the community, and retaining presently enrolled students; and
• To engage students in civic work that furthers their understanding of and participation in the democratic process.

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