Distance Learning


Alternative Learning for Busy Students

CCBC offers a variety of courses that use various technologies to deliver instruction. Students can earn most of the credits for the following degrees through some form of distance education.

Business Administration A.A.
Business Law A.A.
Computer Science A.A.
Economics A.A.
General Studies A.A.
Psychology A.A.

Information Management
Business Software Applications (Mous Certification Preparation)

Distance Learning courses may use computers, the Internet, cable TV, video tapes, audio tapes, and other media. Some can be taken at home, while others require using media on campus. Some can be taken at classroom sites around the metropolitan area, which are linked in a videoconferencing network. They all include print materials, usually a text and a study guide. Each course is managed by a faculty member who provides a syllabus, holds review and discussion sessions, and serves as a learning resource for the course. Costs and credits are the same as for comparable on-campus courses, and students have access to the same services and activities as on-campus students.

Online Courses

All course materials are available through the Internet; textbooks may be ordered online through the CCBC Bookstore. Access to the instructor, as well as submission of assignments (except some tests) will be through the communication tools within the course. For more information, go to the Online Classes page, or call or email: Joel Martin, 443-840-4584 jmartin@ccbcmd.edu.


These video-based courses air in Baltimore County by CCBC-TV on Comcast cable channel 71 and Verizon FiOS channel 33. There are many additional means for viewing the telecourse videos, including DVD and videostreaming. For information access the Telecourse homepage, or call or email:  Joel Martin, 443-840-4584 jmartin@ccbcmd.edu.

Maryland Online (MOL)

Through this statewide course-sharing consortium, CCBC can offer a greater selection of distance learning courses, all taught by excellent faculty from around the state, but administered through CCBC. For more information access the MOL home page, or call or email: Joel Martin 443-840-4584 jmartin@ccbcmd.edu.

Self Paced Courses

Catonsville: These courses require students to work on campus under the guidance of a faculty member. For more information call or email: Stephanie Caravello-Hibbert 443-840-4119 scaravello@ccbcmd.edu

Dundalk: The Dundalk campus also has self-paced developmental mathematics course offerings. Our self-paced courses require that students work both in the designated computer lab during the scheduled class time and on the computer outside of class meeting times. For more information contact Chris Mirbaha 443-840-3173 cmirbaha@ccbcmd.edu or Tyrone McKoy 443-840-3723 tmckoy@ccbcmd.edu

Essex: Math 081 and Math 082. These sections require students to work on campus with a faculty member at designated times. For more information call or email Tejan Tingling 443-840-1912 ttingling@ccbcmd.edu.

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