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ESOL Resources-All Language Skill Areas

These sites provide access to numerous links for learning and practicing English.

EnglishPage is a great resource with good explanations and lots of activities for grammar, reading and listening: http//

ESOL links maintained by The Internet TESL Journal: http//

InterLink Language Centers:

The English Club:

Interesting things for ESL students:

A guide to English as a 2nd language:

A comprehensive ESOL website from Brown University:

The ESL Link Site:

Here's lots of practice activities:

A website with lots of collocation activities:

Reading Resources and Links

Reading exercises from Gallaudet University:

ESOL self access reading for all levels:

The Gutenberg site contains numerous literary readings:

Readings and reading comprehension exercises:

The Writing and Reading Center for ESOL students sponsored by Plymouth State University:

ESL short stories from American Folklore:

Want to learn about or read some Shakespeare? Check this out:


Writing Resources and Links

A great writing site:

An online writing guide:

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University:

Pizzazz: A site for creative writing and storytelling:

Writing links from the Internet TESL Journal:

Mark's ESL Cottage Writing Center provides links to helpful writing sites:

Writing resources:

Information on writing essays from Gallaudet University:

Information on how to write an essay:

Listening Resources and Links

National Public Radio:

Voice of America:

Free listening site:

Randall's Cyber ESL Listening Lab:

Links to listening and speaking sites:

More links to listening sites:

Practice intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation:

Listening comprehension:


Grammar Bytes-Grammar with Attitude:

201 Grammar Website Links: 201

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Bilingual Language Quizzes:

Dave Sperlings ESL Quiz Center:

Grammar Reference Guide:

Grammar Quizzes:

Online English Grammar and Writing Tips:

Another great grammar site:

Want to practice phrasal verbs? Try this:

A grammar reference:

United States Citizenship

These sites provide information on U.S. history and government.

Online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

A simplified English version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Webster's Online Dictionary:

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