Tuition Payment Plans, Book Credit, and Tuition Waivers


Payment Plan and Tuition Waivers

Consider using CCBC's Payment Plan, a convenient method that can help make paying for your education easier. Information is available on types of waivers and how they are applied. Find out if you qualify for a tuition waiver.

Book Credit

If you have excess financial aid (after all tuition and fee charges are deducted), a bookstore credit will be available in your account a minimum of 24 hours. Books and supplies may be purchased only within the book credit dates.

The following maximum credit amounts will be used for the 2013 - 2014 academic year.

Billable Hours Book Credit Maximum
12 or more


9 - 11


6 - 8


1 - 5


If you qualify for aid and you have funds available for book credit, you will need to:

  • Go to the Bookstore during the book credit period listed above.
  • Bring your photo ID and schedule/bill from your SIMON account.
  • If you need additional funds above the authorized limit, please visit the Financial Aid office.

The Financial Aid Office cannot extend the book credit period for any reason.

  • If you are selected for verification, book credit is tentative.
  • The amount of credit available after the financial aid information has been verified may be reduced or removed completely.
  • If you do not have adequate financial aid credit to cover your book expenses, payment is due 60 days into the academic term. There are no interest or service charges associated with this debt.

Emergency Book Loan

The Student Emergency Loan Fund is available to provide a rapid source of temporary funding for CCBC students, in good academic standing, who require immediate financial support to purchase textbooks, due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you withdraw from one or more classes during the refund period

  • Financial aid will not be disbursed for dropped classes.
  • If you made purchases in the Bookstore using book credits before you dropped the classes, the aid that is disbursed for the remaining courses may not cover all of your expenses. As a result, you may owe money to the college.

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