Grace Hopper Scholars Program


Unlocking Doors, Unlocking Potential

The Grace Hopper Scholars Program (GHSP) unlocks doors allowing female students to overcome barriers and challenges that stand between them and a better life. Computer science and related fields have been and continue to be fast growing fields in which women are still seriously underrepresented. Many women miss out on the stability and rising income found in those job sectors. The GHSP wants to help women become extraordinary scholars and take their places in those exciting fields of study and employment.

For over five years the Grace Hopper Scholars Program has met the needs of women focused on careers in technology by providing special support services to help them maximize their potential. This program is open to all students pursuing a degree in technology. As a participant you will be eligible to:

  • Receive a tuition refund of $300 for your first 100-level math course or 200-level computer technology course (CINS, CMSC, CGVC, IMMT, CADD, DCOM) passed with a grade of C or better upon entering the program*
  • Work with mentors to gain hands-on job experience and insight into the workplace
  • Work with faculty and staff who will help you find scholarships and financial aid
  • Solidify your understanding of computers and build employment skills through internship opportunities
  • Take the opportunity to participate in bridge programs to get a headstart in your classes geared towards lifelong learning
  • Participate in bridge programs to help you prepare for higher-level math courses
  • Reinforce your skills by taking advantage of cybertutors for math courses that are prerequisites for technology majors
  • Build friendships and a support network as you work with other scholars in this rewarding program

*See participant agreement for full details

For more information contact:

Ann Aldrich at, or 443-840-1813

NSF Logo This program is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under the Grace Hopper Scholar Program Grant DUE-0302845.


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