CCBC Honors Program

Honors courses at CCBC incorporate all of the goals and objectives of standard courses with additional learning components designed to further challenge Honors students.

Honors courses are not designed to require more work; instead, these courses are more focused and, consequently, delve into subject matter more deeply than a traditional course. They require students to work at a more sophistical level and in a more independent manner. Writing is a significant part of each honors course. Emphasizing student involvement, collaboration, and inquiry, honors courses at CCBC:

  • Promote active learning and critical thinking
  • Further develop skills in verbal and written communication
  • Encourage independent discovery
  • Foster analytical thinking and creativity

Below are several examples of CCBC Honors Course Outlines. Honors course outlines are on file for all courses regularly or periodically taught in Honors. The outlines should serve in part as an example and as a guide for faculty teaching Honors courses. Faculty members interested in creating a new course in Honors for which an Honors outline does not exist must create a new Honors course outline to be approved by the Honors committee.

View the list of courses with existing Honors outlines here.

Honors course outline examples:

Accounting 102

Anthropology 101

Music 109

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