Honors Program


Are you a highly motivated person? Are you curious? Do you thrive on in-class debates, discussions, and dialogues with your instructors and classmates? If you consider yourself a critical thinker, a close reader, and a clear writer or want to become one, the Honors Program is probably for you!

With an emphasis on student involvement, collaboration, and inquiry, Honors courses at CCBC:

  • Promote active learning and critical thinking
  • Further develop skills in verbal and written communication
  • Encourage independent discovery
  • Foster analytical thinking and creativity

Benefits of joining the CCBC Honors Program:

  • Smaller class size (limited to 17 students)
  • Special recognition at graduation
  • Honors-sponsored social and cultural events throughout the year
  • Availability of a faculty mentor for each student in the program
  • Guaranteed admission to ten area colleges
  • Honors students receive at least a partial scholarship each semester

Scholarships for enrolled students:
  • An enrolled student who applies and is accepted into the Honors Program will be eligible for a $500.00 scholarship for continuing semesters of enrollment.

Ready to apply? New and currently enrolled CCBC students start here:

Highly capable students who have not performed up to their potential are also encouraged to apply, providing they can demonstrate their ability and motivation to excel.

Visit an Honors Program Office:

CCBC Essex
Administration Building
Room 133

CCBC Dundalk
College Community Center
Room 217

CCBC Catonsville
TMP2 Building

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