Finding Internships for CCBC Students


Why Should I Intern?

  1. Students who interns are twice as likely to be hired after graduation as those who have not.

  2. An internship will give you a chance to experience your chosen field in a real-world situation, to be sure it is what you really want to do.

  3. Some internships count for college credit.

  4. Interns are advantageously placed to compete for jobs where they intern.

  5. Working with experienced professionals in your field will help you build a network of resources.

Will I Be Paid?

Some employers do pay their interns, others do not. Remember, you are gaining expereience in your chosen field through the internship. This will be more valuable than money when you look for a permanent job. If you cannot afford to give up a summer job to intern, look for an internship that you can do part-time, along with your paying job.

What Do I Need to Do to Find an Internship?

First, you should register at the CCBC student internship site . Then, the internship coordinator for your school will contact you and activate your information so that you can use the online CCBC student internship database to look for internship postings from approved employers. Approved employers will also be able to look at resumes in the database and contact you directly if they are interested.

Second, you need to have a professional quality resume for employers to look at.

Students in the CCBC School of Mathematics and Science can get help with this from

Or, you can get help from your campus Career Development Center:




Karen Gunzelman

Terry Nieberlein

Linda Brothers




Room K-209K

Room K-221B

Room A-260


Third, you need a recommendation from a faculty member in your major stating that you are ready to benefit from an internship. Forward both your resume and the recommendation to Dr. Shrader, CCBC Essex Campus, 7201 Rossville Blvd. Rm. F516, Baltimore, MD 21237.

For Additional Information Contact:


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