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Ethnic Food Stores in Baltimore Area:


Asia Food
5224 York Road, Baltimore 21212 (410-323-8738)
Chinese, Thai and Japanese products, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, Chinese teas.

Bamboo House
5722 York Road, Baltimore (410-323-1900)
Korean and Japanese ingredients, rice vinegar and noodles.

Dae Sung Oriental Groceries
2213 Greenspring Drive, Timonium, 410-561-4467
A Korean specialty shop with Japanese and Chinese products.

Le’s Oriental Grocery
10 W. Chestnut Hill, Reisterstown, 410-833-4035

New Asia Food
3000 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, 410-889-6618

Oriental Gourmet Store
636 Frederick Road, Catonsville, 410-788- 2277
Sells ingredients for Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Philippine recipes and sushi.

Philipino and Asian Food Store
421 E. Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, 410-354-2919

Philipine Oriental Food Store
8019 Philadelphia Road, 410-866-7907
Foods from Africa, China, Korea, Philippines, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thai-Philippine Oriental Foods
523 Gorsuch Avenue, 410-243-6193
African, Chinese, Jamaican, Korean, Philippine and Spanish food ingredients.


EKO Food Store
5007 Hartford Road, 410-319-9550
African, Asian and Caribbean items, pig’s tails, curry and jerk seasonings.

West Indian Imports
5318 Park Heights Avenue, 410-664-1818
Cuban, Nigerian, and West Indian recipe ingredients, red peas and oxtail.


Kirchmayr Chocolatier
6223 N. Charles Street, 410-323-7705
European sweets, liqueur candies and confectionery.


Egon Binkert Meat Products
8805 Philadelphia Road, 410-687-5959
German sausages, landjager, bratwurst, ham and special lunchmeats.


Atlantic Foods
7810 Hartford Road
Greek and Italian cheeses, olive oil, Kalamata olives, pastas and breads.

Greek Town Bakery and Deli
4705 Eastern Avenue, 410-276-8052
Greek, Italian and Spanish olives, breads, pastries and cakes.

Greek Village Bakery
4711 Eastern Avenue, 410-675-8155
Greek, Italian and Spanish rum flavored cakes, baklava and cheeses.

Parthenon Foods
514 Oldham Street, Baltimore, 410-675-0036


Bombay Bazaar
1524 W. Pratt Street,
Baltimore, 410-233-6303
Spices, beans, chutneys, rice, samosas and ready-to-eat frozen foods.

imalaya Spices and Gifts
8833 Belair Road, 410-529-3421
Indian movies, plus spices, lentils, oils, breads, and snacks.

Indian Grocery
225 S. Broadway,
Baltimore, 410-276-6420

Patel Brothers
6402 Baltimore National Pike,
Baltimore 410-719-2822

Shyam Foods
1724 Woodlawn Drive, 410-265-5119
Indian ice cream, Asian vegetables, pickled and sweets.


Babushka Deli
11985 Reisterstown Road, 410-833-3985
Products from Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, and Turkey. Caviar, cheeses, chocolates, lox, desserts and meats.

Big Boys Worldwide Food Market
218 N. Paca Street, 410-685-4080
Foods for dishes from Africa, China, Japan, Latin America, Philippines, Spain, Thailand and the West Indies.

Flor’s International Market
5615 Belair Road,
Baltimore, 410-488-1878

Global Food Market
225 S. Broadway and 4707 Harford Road, Baltimore, 410-254-7212
Products from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Spain.

International Food Market
6970 Reisterstown Road, 410-358-4757
Finish cheese, Hungarian salami, Israeli candy, Russian herring and items from Canada, France, Greece and Italy.

Lexington Market
400 W. Lexington Street (near Lexington Market),
Baltimore, 410-685-6169

Old World Delicatessen and Bakery
9118 Liberty Road, 410-655-5157
Imported European beers and wines, Belgian, Swiss and Italian chocolates, Eastern European meats, cheeses and spices.


Casa di Pasta
210 Albermarle Street, 410-539-5383
Little Italy pasta factory selling fresh seafood ravioli, gnocchi and lasagna.

DiPasquale’s Gourmet Marketplace and Deli
3700 Gough Street, Highlandtown, 410-276-6787
2419 Baldwin Mill Road, Fallston, 410-557-0103
Gourmet food items and wines from France, Holland, Italy, Spain.

Mastellone’s Deli and Wine
7212 Harford Road, 410-444-5433
Fresh mozzarella and Italian pasta, oils, sweets and wines.

Pastore’s Italian Food Store
8646 Loch Raven Boulevard,
Baltimore, 410-825-5317

Roma Sausage Company
3900 Claremont Street, 410-675-0786
Polish kielbasa, celery sausage, Italian mild and hot sausage.

S’getti Gourmet
3551 Chestnut Street, 410-235-1222
Deli and grocery with Italian bacon, prosciutto ham and sun-dried peppers.

Sorrento’s Grocery and Meats
1701 Edmonson Avenue, Catonsville, 410-788-2369

Trinacria Macaroni Works
406 N. Paca Street, 410-685-7285
Varieties of macaroni, cookies, cheeses, canned goods and Italian wines


Da-Kao Market
3347 Belair Road, Baltimore, 410-276-1681 or 410-675-0439

Eun He Ne Shipmum
2119 N. Charles Street, Baltimore

Jang Won Super Store
2030 St. Paul Street, Baltimore


The Knish Shop
508 Reisterstown Road, 410-484-5850
Meat, vegetable, potato and kasha knishes, smoked fish, chopped liver.

Liebes Kosher Delicatessen and Carryout
607 Reisterstown Road, 410-653-1977
Kosher pastrami, corned beef and salami.

Seven Mile Market
4000 Seven Mile Lane, 410-653-2000
Kosher supermarket with full-service meat, deli and fresh fish departments.


Caribbean Market
1901 Fleet Street, 410-675-1729
Ingredients from El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Peru, and Venezuela.

Perez Grocery
530 N. Kenwood Avenue, 410-732-1933
Fresh mangoes, green bananas, chorizos, chilies and other ingredients and foods from Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

Cedar Deli and Grocery
246 Burke Road, Towson 410-823-3326

Near East Bakery
2919 Hamilton Avenue, 410-254-8970
Baked Middle Eastern breads, filled pies, hummus, tabbouleh, dips and spices.

Orchard Market and Café
8815 Orchard Tree Lane, Towson, 410-339-7700
Behind the restaurant is a small shop with pita bread, pomegranate paste, dry dill, tahini, basmati rice and Persian teas.


Broadway Meats and Deli
Broadway Market, Felles Point, 410-732-0972
Specializes in fresh country, Italian and Polish sausages.

Krakus Deli
1737 Fleet Street, 410-732-7533
Smoked meats and Polish sausages, jams, pickled, breads and herbs.

Victor Ostrowski and Son
524 S. Washington Street, 410-327-8935
Polish garlic bologna, liver sausages, stuffed cabbage and horseradishes.

Sophia’s Place
Broadway Market,Fells Point, 410-342-6105
Polish delights, sausages, dill pickles and homemade sauerkraut pirogis.


Perez Grocery
530 N. Kenwood Avenue, Patterson Park,
Baltimore, 410-732-1933

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