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Life in Baltimore County

Places of interest

Baltimore County has its unique location; the county is just a short drive to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Baltimore's Inner Harbor. From Baltimore County you can reach all the other areas in the state of Maryland. For more information about the county go to

Maryland State Weather

Generally moderate, varies in summer from mild to hot, and in winter from moderate in the east and south to very cold in the western mountains. Duration of the freeze-free period averages 185 days, ranging from 130 days in Garrett County to 230 days in southern Maryland and the lower Eastern Shore. You can also call 410-936-1212 and get the official “emergency weather information” about Baltimore.


Average annual rainfall: 40.76 inches. Peaks in July and August when thunderstorms average once every five days.


Average seasonal snowfall: 20.6 inches, ranges from 10 inches on the lower Eastern Shore to 110 inches in Garrett County.


Average annual temperature: 55.1 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures occur in July, the warmest month, averaging in the mid to upper 80s. Low temperatures in January, the coldest month, average in the low to mid 20s.

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